• Jacob Willcox the new World Junior Champ

    Congratulations to both FCS Team Rider Jacob Wilcox, & The Australian Junior Surf Team, for winning the ISA World Junior Surfing Champs in Playa Jiquiliste, Nicaragua.

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  • Let loose on your board with colour

    If you’re feeling creative and want to let loose on your board with a unique splash of colour then it’s all pretty straightforward – I would definitely recommend it as it’s a really fun process!

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  • Mitch Crews claims Quiksilver Open Japan

    FCS Team Rider Mitch Crews claims victory in the Quicksilver Open Japan. To celebrate we've got his latest Vid jam packed with action.

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  • Mooney Monthly

    If you weren't already planning a surf trip to Papua New Guinea this should get you packing bags and ignoring 'safe travel' warnings. These little clips Owen Milne has been making with Central Coast surfer Andrew Mooney are pretty damn-fine. Indeed.

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  • Anything Sing Zine

    Great little zine by Reef for Anything Sing featuring Nick Rosza, Ford Archbold, Beau Foster and Luke Davis.

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  • Surfing Australia Presents: FCS-II & FCS Origin Fin Systems

    By applying 20 years of knowledge working with surfers, shapers and experts in hydrodynamics, FCS has created an entirely new fin system.

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  • The locals guide to surfing Fiji

    Surfing Fiji on your bucket list? We recently caught up with Josh for some inside info on spots, boards & fin configurations.

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  • Carlos Munoz signs with FCS

    FCS is pleased to announce the signing of Costa Rican surfer Carlos Munoz to the global team. Carlos, who was recently named the best Latin-American surfer in history in Ecuador, has been steadily building his competition resume.

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  • Bigger fins and smaller boards

    With the trend towards bigger fins and smaller boards, we caught up with World Champion Longboarder Harley Ingleby for some great insights into his winning fin configurations, Alaia's and FCS-II.

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  • Bigger Swells for the Southern Ocean

    Scientists are beginning to predict how climate change will influence the height of waves. Will your property have a pealing right hander breaking over it soon?

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    Julian Wilson

    Julian Wilson

    Name: Julian Wilson
    Date of Birth: November 8, 1988
    Born: Coolum Beach, QLD Australia
    Lives: Coolum Beach, QLD Australia
    Sponsors: Nike footwear and clothing, Red Bull energy drinks, Oakley eyewear, Sol Republic headphones and FCS fins