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Kody Kerbox - Stand Up World Tour 2013

Congratulations to 18 year old Kody Kerbox finishing 3rd at the Sunset Beach Pro on the Stand Up World Tour 2013.

We caught up with Kody for the inside word on his favourite FCS SUP Fin configurations:

Board: 7'6" Naish Hokua SUP   Fins: FCS MF1's
"With this fin being a little bigger then the other sets I use, it allows me to get more speed and drive on my smaller, looser board."

Board: 8'10" Naish Hokua Semi Gun   Fins: FCS JW-1's
"I actually use the JW-1's, they just seem to loosen up my big board making it more responsive and easier to turn."

Board: 12'6" & 14'0" LE Javelin   Fins: FCS Slater Trout
"The Slater trout fin allows me to tightly turn around buoys and ride glides as long as possible while going down wind."

Kody is top seed heading into Brazils event in April. Best of luck from the FCS Team!