Richie Lovett

Quick Stats


    Fin Size:

    Preferred Thruster Fin:
    I change my fins nealy every surf

    Preferred Quad Fin:
    K2.1 PC Quad

    Preferred Fin Foil:

ASP Tour veteran Richie Lovett was one of the first professional surfers to convert exclusively to FCS.  His surfing career spans over 20 years with a resume boasting numerous event wins and some impressive World Tour statistics. With an intimate knowledge of fin design and performance, Rich has played the role of FCS ambassador and tour liaison for well over 10 years.

To this day Richie fills an active role for FCS both in and out of the water, and his talents are utilized over many facets of the brand. He is still one of the most highly respected professional surfers in the world, and his career and personal triumphs continue to inspire people from all walks of life.

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