Ozzie Wright

Quick Stats

    Standard Board Dimensions:
    Too small for elephants, but too big for ants!

    I'm 80 Kilowatts of power plants

    Fin Size:
    I don't know, I can ride them all

    Preferred Thruster Fin:
    No idea

    Preferred Quad Fin:
    I love 4 fins, they are awesome

    Preferred Fin Foil:
    I like how FCS make their fin foils, foils aint foils

Ozzie is not your typical pro surfer. This unique and creative individual decided early in his surfing career to avoid the dogmatic world of competition, instead choosing the life of a free surfer and artist. His surfing is spontaneous, unpredictable and fun, a direst result of surfing the punchy beach breaks of South Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This would also prove to be the perfect testing ground for his signature maneuver, the aerial.

Ozzie walks to a different beat, choosing to incorporate surfing, music, and art into his day-to-day life. His creative talents both on canvass and in the ocean have made him not only a hero to surfers from around the world, but also one of surfing’s true icons.

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