Jeremy Flores

Quick Stats

    Standard Board Dimensions:
    5'11" x 18 1/8" x 2 1/8"


    Fin Size:

    Preferred Thruster Fin:
    FCS UL-5 & FCS PC-5

    Preferred Fin Foil:

For someone so young, Frenchmen Jeremy Flores has a lifetime worth of experience. As a grommet Jeremy realised the importance of spending time abroad in countries like Australia, USA, and Hawaii, to gain the knowledge and skills needed to become one of the world’s most well rounded professional surfers.

It didn’t take long for the stars to align, Jeremy is not only the youngest surfer ever to break into the professional surfing arena, but in his first year on the World Tour he was awarded ‘Rookie Of The Year’. Fast forward to today and Jeremy is firmly positioned within the top echelon of the tour. His smooth style and lightning fast approach is perfectly suited to the high performance locations of Trestles, Snapper Rocks and Brazil.

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