Origin combines the convenience of detachable fin functionality with the proven power & drive of traditional fixed fins.

The concept itself was created by a group of like minded Sydney based surfers and designers craving a specific type of performance, with the added convenience of detach-ability. After years of external development FCS helped to refine the Origin system and fin range in preparation for the global release in 2013.

Below are some of the key features:

- Hybrid construction of specialized polymer and PU foam that provides an exceptional bond to the blank and fiberglass laminate.
- The shape of the plug compliments the footprint of traditional rovings, and the overall shape of the surfboard. It also creates a curve that evenly distributes any extreme impact force.
- Overall size has been kept to a minimum so as not to interrupt the natural flex of the board. The plug length is 133.5mm or 5.3” (16mm shorter than Futures).
- Origin is the thinnest and lightest system on the market.

- The first true removal “glass on” fin.
- Cant angle is built into the fin, not the box.
- Rovings are tightly tucked to minimise drag.
- Side fins feature a flat inside face to mimic traditional fixed fins.
- Fins are available in composite Glass Flex (GF) and Performance Core (PC).

- Origin is a pre-glass system (installed before the board is glassed).
- Unlike most systems, the fin rolls in from the side; a recess detail in the fin marries with an undercut in the plug.
- Screws pass through the fin and when tightened create an opposing force, completing the “lateral locking system”.
- The roving base, combined with the lateral locking system, completely eliminates all movement at the base of the fin.  
- The perimeter of the fin base sits recessed within the plug, allowing for a seamless transition between the fin and the surface of the board, while enhancing water flow.
- The stiff base translates to an extremely responsive fin setup that transfers the surfer’s energy directly into the fin
- Rovings translate to more drive through the turning arc, and smother rail to rail transitions.


1. Fins sit 100% flush within the System
2. Delivers a progressive flex through the tip
3. Eliminates movement at the base of the fin
4. Rovings offer a stiff and rigid base