FCS is proud to announce the introduction of FCS Fixed Fins to the product range. The world leaders in fin technology and development now offer the proven templates of G-3, G-5 and G-7 as a fixed fin option.

The FCS Fixed Fin program was driven by a demand and desire to offer a quality product to this sector of the market. For many years FCS has been regarded as the leaders in fin technology boasting the largest and most comprehensive range of detachable fins and surf related accessories and hardware. This high standard of quality and excellence now extends into the fix fin market and is available to the manufacturer.

The FCS templates of G-3, G-5, and G-7 have for many years been the preferred choice for surfers around the globe. These templates have been designed to cater for surfers of all sizes and should be selected according to the requirements of the individual surfer, and their equipment. Each template represents a different fin size; the G-3 is a smaller fin suited to lighter surfers, the G-5 is a great all-round fin ideal for surfers of average weight and size, and the G-7 is a larger fin perfect for heavier, more powerful surfers, or those seeking more drive and stability out of their equipment.

Extensive research went into the development phase of the Fixed Fin program to ensure the ideal flex patterns were achieved across each individual size category. These flex patterns were developed by gathering extensive feedback from world class surfers and performing fin-flex analysis on their preferred boards. A number of key manufactures were also consulted for feedback, data and direction. The result being a fixed fin that offers superior flex response to maximise surfer and surfboard performance.

Each FCS Fixed Fin is constructed using the Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) process which guarantees precision and accuracy. This technique consists of a sandwich of lightweight lantor (honeycomb foam like compound) between layers of 6oz fiberglass and polyester resin, the result is a lightweight fin with calculated flex. The direction of the fiberglass weave is laid-up at 60º to the base of the fin; this is done to achieve efficient memory response and the desired flex pattern. Each fin is individually hand finished creating a textured surface to enhance bonding during the glassing process.

FCS Fixed Fins are available in 2 colour ways; opaque white and clear. The opaque option maintains the traditional solid white look, while the clear option features the visible core matt inside the fin. Every fin is labelled with the FCS Fixed Fin logo developed from a cross section view of the fin after the rovings and fibreglass have been applied.

FCS Fixed Fins are available as production sets and are supplied to manufacturers only. Each set of fins comes in an EVA protective pouch to ensure they are in pristine condition prior to application. The templates sizes are marked on the base of each fin.