FCS takes softboard performance to a whole new level by introducing the most technically advanced softboard fin system on the market.

• Fits all model softboards • FCS M-5 Softflex Fin included with every FCS Softboard System • Ideal for beginners through to advanced surfers • Use any fin from the FCS range • Fins are easily removed for multiple softboard storage • Available to retailers and manufacturers

- Constructed from high-strength precision molded polymer, developed in conjunction with Dupont
- Durable material ensures the engineered thread attachment system maintains a tight and secure fit
- Designed to be non-intrusive and sit flush to the surface of the board, providing less back foot interference on the deck, and minimal water resistance on the bottom
- Superior construction is highly durable and designed to withstand the extreme forces associated with fin dynamics

The system can be installed into any softboard by using the custom FCS installation tool, and following the simple step-by-step installation instructions. Each step in the installation process is clearly explained with the aid of diagrams, which can be used as a reference. The custom FCS installation tool allows for a single tooling installation process. (Installation tool sold separately)

- Designed to mimic the standard 2 tab FCS plug system, and will therefore accommodate any fin from the FCS range. This offers beginner surfers the ability to use a more flexible fin, and allows more capable riders to use regular FCS fins and obtain added response and performance
- 6 degree cant angle on each of the side plugs enhances control and maneuverability.

The FCS Softboard System takes softboard performance to a whole new level. When installed correctly, the system provides an extremely strong foundation for the fins by connecting the system to the structural base of the board. This increases the board’s performance by allowing the surfer to push hard against the fins without any movement in the system, ultimately providing stability for beginners and offering more response for advanced surfer.

Each set of FCS Softboard plugs comes with a set of FCS M-5 Softflex fins.
- The FCS M-5 Softflex fin features the M-5 template made from a super flexible material. This fin is ideal for beginners and people learning to surf.