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Julian Wilson's Athlete Series Traction

by Chris Durlacher | Mar 11, 2016
Designed and tested in collaboration with the world’s best surfers, the FCS Athlete Series Traction range has rider specific features for the ultimate in performance. Spearheaded by Julian Wilson, Gabriel Medina and Sally Fitzgibbons, this exciting new range of pads sets a new benchmark for comfort and functionality.

Julian’s surfing blends power and aggression with fluid finesse high above the lip, and therefore he needs a pad that is seemingly weightless, yet offers a high level of security and control. By using a thinner EVA, and incorporating extra perforations and defined channels through the large arch, Julian’s pad focuses on increased traction and reduced weight.

So whether you’re loading up a rail carve on the open face, or setting your sights above the lip, Julian’s new FCS traction pad will keep your foot connected to your board for maximum speed and drive.


-       3 Piece
-       Double Square Groove
-       Large Trapeze Arch Bar
-       High Kick
-       Sanded surfaces for enhanced grip
-       Perforated for extra resistance
-       Ultra-thin for added sensitivity
-       Chamfered kick edges to minimise water resistance.

“I have high expectations when it comes to performance, and with this pad I focused on increasing traction while reducing weight” – Julian Wilson

FCS Julian Wilson Traction


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    Jeremy Flores

    Jeremy Flores

    Name: Jeremy Flores
    Date of Birth: April 27, 1988
    Born: Reunion Island
    Lives: New Caledonia and Capbreton
    Sponsors: Quiksilver wetsuits clothing and surfboards, Orange mobile, Moskova underwear and FCS Fins.