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  • Hurricane Sandy Relief Fin

    In an attempt to offer some financial assistance to the thousands of US citizens affected by Hurricane Sandy, FCS has announced the release of a Limited Edition FCS M-5 ‘Sandy Relief’ Fin.

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    FCS have announced that Kelly Slater would not be renewing his long standing sponsorship agreement to ride the FCS system and fins.

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    Surf Hardware International (SHI) is pleased to announce they’ve signed USA free surfer and hero to the homeless Nick Rozsa to represent the FCS and Gorilla brands.

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  • Wizard of fin

    Wayne "WIZ" Rickards is one amazing individual. I first discovered this talented resin master at Barry Bennett's in 1972, where he was the glasser, laminating my first Bluebirds. He amazed me as the first "roller" glasser who applied and wet out the glass cloth using a paint roller!! Perfect workmanship!

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  • Genuine FCS X-2

    The move to branded FCS plugs comes after the arrival of many non-genuine, inferior imitation plugs that have recently flooded the board manufacturing sector. The Best Ride Genuine FCS. Look for the logo.

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  • FCS partners with the Hurley Surfing Aus High Performance Centre

    FCS will maintain a place at the forefront of surf training by becoming the exclusive fin and hardware supplier to the Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre (HPC).

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  • FCS Introduces New Recycled Fin Packaging

    In a conscious effort to keep in line with their ‘Environmental Policy’ and maintain the health of the planet, FCS is proud to introduce their new recycled fin packaging.

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  • FCS JW-1

    The FCS JW-1 is ideal for fast, radical surfing in punchy beach break conditions. Offering quick tail release due to the smaller centre fin, the FCS JW-1 is also great for performing airs, with an emphasis on rotation.

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  • FCS MF-1

    Developed by 2 X World Champion Mick Fanning, the FCS MF-1 features Tricoil Technology and is designed for high performance power surfing.

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  • FCS K2.1 PC Quad

    The FCS K2.1 PC Quad has become one of Kelly’s preferred set ups, and has proven to be a key ingredient in his quest to push the boundaries of modern day surfing. The K2.1 template in the side delivers instant acceleration and the ability to turn in a tight arc.

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    Jeremy Flores

    Jeremy Flores

    Name: Jeremy Flores
    Date of Birth: April 27, 1988
    Born: Reunion Island
    Lives: New Caledonia and Capbreton
    Sponsors: Quiksilver wetsuits clothing and surfboards, Orange mobile, Moskova underwear and FCS Fins.