FCS Traction T-1

FCS Traction T-1

Ergonomic forward thinking design for maximum ‘locked in’ foot traction.

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The FCS T-1 Traction Pad features a well spaced, gridlock groove which allows your feet to sink closer to the deck. Each pad segment is multi-directional for any foot angle. The spine arch and lunar kick offer angular resistance and are ergonomically designed to lock the foot into position.

Each pad features a thermoformed dimpled surface, a clearly defined groove pattern, and a groove at the base of the kick to assist the adhesive bond and prevent peeling.  The lightweight packaging also comples complete with a spare FCS Key.


  • 3-piece pad

  • FCS Plug Protection - Carbon fibre plug protectors and extended body
       length helps to eliminate heel and toe depressions, particularly around
       the plug areas

  • Gridlock groove pattern - A more spaced tread to allow your feet to sink
       closer to the board. Compounded with a dimpled surface on the tread to
       create an extremely textured feel

  • • Multi-directional groove patterns - Respond to the different forces
       generated between the surfer and the board. The centre panel faces
       forward and the side panels direct inwards so the traction pushes back
       against your feet during normal movements

  • •  Spine, ergonomic arch

  • •  Luna rounded performance kick